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Concrete Wall


Secrets of an old gun 2 (Czech Republic)   Directed by : Ivo Macharacek

Totally Boss (Estonia) Directed by : Ingomar Vihmar

Camping du Lac (Belgium)  Directed by : Eléonore Saintagnan

BEANIE (Slovenia)  Directed by:Slobodan Maksimović

We Will Not Fade Away (Ukraine)  Directed by : Alisa Kovalenko

All the Fires (Mexico)  Directed by : Mauricio Calderon Rico

PAULA (Italy)  Directed by:Florencia Wehbe

A Passenger From Ganora (Iran)  Directed by : Seyed Ahmad Alamdar

Giants of la Mancha (Germany)  Directed by : Gonzalo Gutierrez

Kung Fu Lion (Netherlands)  Directed by : Froukje Tan

EXCURSION (Bosnia,Herzegovina)   Directed by : Una Gunjak

Snot & Splash - The Mystery of Disappearing Holes (Finland)   Directed by : Teemu Nikki

AYA (Belgium)  Directed by : SIMON COULIBALY GILLARD

​​MUKHADARKON (Russian Federation)Directed by :Tatiana Kolganova


Ninhos em Movimento: O Jeito Yuri de Curtir a Vida (Brazil) Directed by : Di Florentino

Food ConnoiSEWER (United States) Directed by : Tiffany Chen, Audrey Hong

space express (Korea)  Directed by : 명미 이

The Queenʻs Flowers (United States)  Directed by:Ciara Leinaala Lacy

Being Ten (Iran)  Directed by : Fatemeh Jafari

The Unseen (United Kingdom)  Directed by : Francesco Guarini

Rolling! (France)  Directed by:Raoul Magrangeas

The Bad Omen (Russian Federation)  Directed by : Darya Rud, Jalil Rizvanov

Return to Hairy Hill (Canada)  Directed by : Daniel Gies

Eger, 1552 (Hungary)  Directed by : Attila Szász

The Savagelings (Cyprus)   Directed by : Slava Ushakov

Home (Korea)   Directed by : hye-bin Lee

The Talented Justa Smurf (Belgium)  Directed by : William RENAUD

Shera (India)  Directed by : Arun Fulara

All You've Got (United States,China)  Directed by : Richard Tavernaro

The Flying Moose (United States)  Directed by : Michael Sky Danley

Heroes (Russian Federation) Directed by :Darya Rud, Jalil Rizvanov


Return of the Jungle (India) Directed by : Vaibhav Kumaresh

NONNA (Brazil) Directed by : Maria Augusta V. Nunes

The Kites (Iran)  Directed by : Seyed Payam Hosseini

The Girl with Many Moms (China)  Directed by : Miao Xiaojuan

Mellow Fegatello (Russian Federation)  Directed by : Irina Borovskaya

Ivan Semenov the Troublemaker (Russian Federation)  Directed by : Anton Bogdanov

World,Northern Hemisphere (Iran)  Directed by : Hossein Tehrani

croak and croak (China)  Directed by : Zhiqi Wang


A Whisper In the Island Of the Heart (United States,China)  Directed by:Xiaowen Wang

The Sound Collector  (United Kingdom)  Directed by : Chris Tichborne

Three Trees (Canada)  Directed by:Mathias Richard Horhager, Aaron Hong

THE SONG OF FLYING LEAVES (Armenia)  Directed by : Armine Anda

Team Nuggets  (Denmark)  Directed by : Tor Fruergaard, Michael Hegner

SHARK or HYENA (Germany)  Directed by :Britt Dunse

No Way Back (China,United States)   Directed by : Sijia Wang, Xinran Wang

PAULA'S DAD and the right button in his head (Germany)   Directed by : Thomas Heinemann

Simple Joy (Nepal)  Directed by : Gopal Shivakoti, Govinda Siwakoti

BrownWhite (Israel)  Directed by : Ruchama Ehrenhalt

A wonderful garden (Kazakhstan)  Directed by : Anita Chernykh

Oliver's Pixie Hunt (Germany)  Directed by : Kai Zwettler

Lia IRL  (United Kingdom)  Directed by : Milda Baginskaite


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